Start a Side Hustle

Coaching Program

Learn how to start a side hustle successfully with your favorite Harvard ADHDer.

Sample 6-Week Program

Timeframe varies based on your goals, your needs, and how much work you do outside of sessions.
Week 1: Set clear coaching goals with measurable outcomes. First week’s homework.

Week 2: Identify the “real” measurements that determine your success; customize coaching plan

Week 3: Perform 80/20 analysis on existing job activities and new side hustle activities

Week 4: Ramp up high-value activities and start reducing low-value ones

Week 5: Supercharge your output with the SMASH principles

Week 6: Address any challenges and set you up for continued progress on your side hustle

You'll Get There with Weekly Mentorship

1. 1:1 Coaching Session with Aron (45 minutes)
2. Commitment Email at week start
3. Status Update Email at week end
4. Access to the $197 SMASH Productivity Training for free

Client Requirements

  •  Must agree to do homework

  •  Must send weekly commitment email and status update email 

  •  Must be committed

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